Customers take the floor

Xavier, 30 years old

Restaurant manager

Located in Eastern France, Xavier’s restaurant attracts more and more customers each day during luchtime. Until a few months ago, Xavier and his employees had been using a traditional till. But this till proved complex to use since the number of customers went up and Xavier had to hire more waiters. Since he’s opted for the AirKitchen till, Xavier is more confident when hiring new staff. He sees AirKitchen as an app that’s easy to use and doesn’t need to pay for training for each of his new waiters as they just need 15 minutes to understand how to use it. Finally, since he’s started using the AirKitchen app, he can process customer payments more quickly and improve the flow of service.

Claire, 27 years old

Owns and manages a food truck

When Claire started her food truck, she was faced with numerous problems, one of them concerned her payment processing solution. Every day during lunchtime, she travels to different spots across the city of Toulouse and during her rounds its not always easy to get an internet connection. Claire needed a till that she could take everywhere with her and that works in any situation. With AirKitchen, Claire benefited from a till that’s mobile that allowed her to process customer payments from anywhere and even without an internet connection. When she finishes her round, her tablet is synchronised automatically with her back office, and she can analyse the day’s activity from her home.

Kevin, 35 years old

Co-manager of a fast food restaurant chain

Kevin and his associate started a fast food restaurant chain a few years back that sells homemade hamburgers to eat on site or takeaway. Following the 1st restaurant’s huge success, they quickly opened new restaurants across France. They equipped all their restaurants with iPads so that their employees could use the AirKitchen app. Thanks to this solution, all the restaurants and all the tills are centralised to one back office. So, Kevin’s associate can connect to the back office daily to analyse each restaurant’s performances. Centralisation of data avoids him the inconvenience of connecting to each restaurant one by one to access key figures and so saves a lot of time.

Julien, 32 years old

Manager of a cafe

Julien is used to organising evening events at his bar to attract new customers. During these events, he hires extras to help his teams and offer quality service to his customers. With the AirKitchen solution, he has no worries of hiring new extras at his bar. He knows they’ll be able to adapt quickly to the till that he’s selected. His new staff don’t need to be trained, just a few minutes are enough to understand and grasp the AirKitchen till solution.

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