Process customer payment simplified

Improve service flow with AirKitchen

Opt for a checkout/payment software that’s simple, quick and mobile

With AirKitchen, save time with each payment

Process customer payments in just a few seconds

Don’t make your customers wait during rush hour. Thanks to your AirKitchen till software, select your customer’s table and collect his payment in no time. Furthermore, your customers no longer need to go to the counter to pay the bill, collect payment from their table.

Easily split the bill

Your customers want to split the bill to pay separately? With AirKitchen, you no longer need to get your calculator out to count how much each one owes. Select the items and your AirKitchen app does it for you.

Accept numerous payment methods

Avoid bad surprises for your customers. Your AirKitchen till accepts the vast majority of payment methods: cash, credit cards, cheques, meal vouchers, customer tab, credit notes, loyalty points.

Process payments offline

You own a food truck and know that it’s not always easy to get an internet connection. No worries, the AirKitchen till allows you to collect payments while offline. Synchronisation to your back office will be done automatically as soon as you get an internet connection.

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Even more possibilities

Print receipts

Once connected to your printer, your AirKitchen till allows you to print receipts to give them directly to your customers.

E-receipt management

You don’t have to systematically print out receipts. If your customer wants to, you can send the receipt by email directly from your AirKitchen app.

Offline mode

With or without an internet connection, you can collect customer payments at any time from anywhere. You just need to find a connection to synchronise the sales made with your back office.

Payment method management

Your AirKitchen till accepts the main payment methods : cash, credit card, meal vouchers, cheques, credit notes, or then again loyalty points.

Search engine

Easily find your dishes thanks to an effective search engine incorporated into your AirKitchen interface.

Discount management

With AirKitchen, easily manage discounts, in € or in %, be it directly on the product or on the total bill.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

Which payment methods are accepted by the AirKitchen till software?

The AirKitchen till software accepts the main payment methods. Your customers can then pay how they like: credit card, cash, cheques, meal vouchers, credit notes or then again loyalty points.



I own a food truck, how can I be sure that I’ll be able to collect customer payments at all times?

Your AirKitchen till works just as well connected to internet, as it does without an internet connection. This allows you to collect customer payments from anywhere without having to worry about having an internet connection. For sales made whilst offline, they’ll be synchronised with your back office as soon as a connection is established.

Can I print receipts directly from the AirKitchen app?

Your AirKitchen till software obviously lets you print receipts as long as you have connected a printer. Only certain Epson printers are compatible with our AirKitchen app. We invite you to our compatible equipment web page so you can see the different models available.



I’m a restaurant manager, is the AirKitchen till software adapted for my activity?

Obviously! Our AirKitchen till software is entirely designed for restaurants, bars, quick service restaurants or then again food trucks. AirKitchen is a variation of our RoverCash till that is designed for all businesses.

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