Create customer loyalty

AirKitchen gives you tools to better manage customer loyalty

Easily manage your CRM

With AirKitchen, learn to better know your customers and to create loyalty.

Manage your customer sheets

Your Airkitchen till software allows you to manage a customer directory. Create customer sheets by getting their contact details during reservations or orders placed (surname, name, contact details, etc…). You’ll be able to know your customers and keep in touch with them.

Confirm reservations

When your customers make a reservation, think to send them an email to confirm the reservation. With your AirKitchen till software, you can send emails to customers directly from their customer sheet if it has been created beforehand.

Create customer loyalty

AirKitchen gives you the possibility of creating your own customised loyalty program: define your own rules on points acquisition, as well as the advantages your customers receive.

Contact your customers

Keep your customers informed of what’s going on at your restaurant. Send them personalised messages directly from your customer sheets and inform them about the latest offers or upcoming events.

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Even more possibilities

Customer directory

Store customer details gradually and enrich your customer directory which you can access directly from your AirKitchen app.

Customer sheet

To enrich your directory, fill in customer sheets with essential information (surname, name, contact details, type of customer, etc…).

Customer category management

To better manage customer loyalty, create customer categories on your AirKitchen app. You can then distinguish the different types of clientele, professional and family for example, or new customers and long time customers.

Customer loyalty management

Your AirKitchen till allows you to store precious information concerning your restaurant’s customers (identity, purchase history). With AirKitchen, learn to better know your customers and implement a loyalty strategy that’s adapted to your clientele.

Loyalty program management

Directly from the back office of your AirKitchen app, set your customised loyalty program by defining your own rules for loyalty points acquisition.

Send customised emails

Thanks to your AirKitchen till, you’ll stay in touch with your customers. From their customer sheets, send them customised emails to confirm reservations or keep them informed about upcoming events at your restaurant.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

Can I put a loyalty program in place?

Yes, the AirKitchen software handles loyalty programs. To put one in place, you just need to activate it and configure it directly from your back office.


How are the rules for loyalty points acquisition rules set with AirKitchen?

With the AirKitchen software, you can completely customise your own loyalty program. From your app’s back office, it’s you that defines your own rules for points acquisition as well as the advantages your customers receive.


What customer information can I store?

With AirKitchen, you have a directory that’s perfectly incorporated that allows you to manage all your customers very simply. Create customer sheets that are complete with essential information (surname, name, contact details, etc…).


I want to create customer loyalty, what does AirKitchen allow me to do?

Thanks to AirKitchen, at any time you can view your customer’s purchase history. Analysing this data allows you to know which dishes your customers like and so adapt your menu in accordingly. This will help to create customer loyalty as well as attract new customers.


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