Key figures for your restaurant

AirKitchen gives you access to your restaurant’s key figures

Obtain detailed statistics

Good restaurant management depends on the handling of the key figures

Access to key figures

All operations are listed in your AirKitchen software. Your tool then generates statistics, which you can access with just a few clicks directly from your tablet (turnover, margins, medium basket, etc…).

Adjust your strategy

Thanks to the statistics given by the AirKitchen software, you can know during which hours your restaurant has the most visitors with just one glimpse, but also know your customers better. This data will allow you to adjust your strategic choices like hiring more staff or updating your menu.

Check your till

Entirely secure, your AirKitchen software handles the opening and closing of the till at the start and end of the day. This allows to check the till daily. You also have access to the till history at all times, and can check different periods of its history.

Export your accounting

Connected to your online back office, AirKitchen allows you to export your accounting with just a few clicks in the format of your choice. You can also give access to your accountant so he can export your accounting directly.

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Even more possibilities

Statistics management

Thanks to operations realised and the data collected, AirKitchen generates statistics automatically that allow you to know your activity’s key figures.

Till history

No data gets by you. From your tablet that’s connected to the AirKitchen app, check the different operations realised at the till, during the day or another period.

Till checks

Be it in the mornings during the opening of the till, or the evening during the restaurant’s closing, your AirKitchen software automatically checks your till to avoid any errors.

Objectif configuration

Set objectives for your restaurant, yourself and your teams and see where you are compared to the objective with AirKitchen.

Accounting exports

With your AirKitchen software, you can export accounting in the format that suits you and your accountant best.

Accountant access

Give your accountant personal access to your app, whilst also setting limits to his access rights. The accountant will be able to export your accounting, in the format of his/her choice in a secure manner.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

Can I easily transfer data to my accountant with AirKitchen?

You can directly export your accounting from your AirKitchen app’s back office, in the format that suits best. To make this even easier, you can give your accountant personal access so he can export your accounting directly.


What data is available in the AirKitchen app menu?

Your AirKitchen software lets you access advanced statistics on your activity that are essential : turnover without tax, turnover tax included, turnover by day or by product sold , margins, medium basket, etc.)


Can I export statistics generated by AirKitchen?

Of course, if you want to check your restaurant’s key figures regularly, you can export the data directly from the AirKitchen app’s back office.



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