Manage your orders and reservations

Take orders and reservations directly from your tablet

Discover order taking with just a few clicks

With the AirKitchen till, order taking has never been easier

Take customer orders

You only need a few seconds to take your customers’ orders. Your AirKitchen till allows you to easily distinguish on site orders and takeaway orders as to improve the flow of service. A simple click of a product visual is enough to add it to your customer’s order.

Create your own items

Synchronise the products on your menu with your AirKitchen till. You then have access to item sheets that are complete (name, description, picture, customer reviews, etc…). To make navigation easier, create item categories and subcategories (Starters/Main dishes/Desserts).

Manage reservations simply

When a customer calls to make a reservation, you can book a table with just a few clicks thanks to AirKitchen. Thanks to the seating plan, you can visualise your restaurant’s room and see which tables are occupied or reserved and which tables are available.

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Manage reservations and orders online

You have a website? Give your customers the possibility of booking a table or of placing an order directly online. You just need to configure your AirKitchen till to receive notifications when an action is made on your website.

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Even more possibilities

Seating plan management

On your AirKitchen app, register your seating plan with the number of tables you have and how many people you can sit at each table.

Reservation management

Your AirKitchen till software allows you to manage all your reservations on a daily basis. This allows you to foresee during which hours you’ll have the most customers at your restaurant and adapt your organisation in accordance.

Product catalogue management

Create product sheets that are complete (name, description, pictures, customer reviews…) and create categories and subcategories to make browsing easier.

Order options management

During an order placement, you can select the options related to each product if need be. For example, you can specify how meat should be cooked or then again which sauce goes with it.

Customised menus

With just a few clicks, you can create customised menus from your own product catalogue.

Order preparation management

Once an order is taken, generate automatically a preparation bill. You have the possibility of connecting a printer directly in the kitchen to avoid your staff from going back and forth.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

Does the AirKitchen till software allow me to visualise the restaurant’s seating plan?

With AirKitchen, you can register your seating plan by indicating how many tables your restaurant has as well as the number of seats each table has.


Can I take reservations directly from the AirKitchen app?

Of course! When a customer calls to book a table, make the reservation directly on your AirKitchen till software et optimise your organisation.



I have a website on which my customers make online reservations, can my website be synchronised with AirKitchen?

AirKitchen is a till solution that completely suits restaurant owners who run their restaurant like a connected business. You can set your AirKitchen app so that it communicates with your website and receive notifications whenever an order is placed online.


Can I create customised menus with the AirKitchen app?

Of course, once you’ve input the different products your restaurant can serve, you can then easily create one or more customised menus from the different products entered in your catalogue.


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